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In Your Home provides personalized move management support services to older persons and their families, in the many aspects of a move, out of state relocation, or home downsizing.

Moving DayAfter accumulating a life-time of possessions sometimes we need help in asking the question, “Will I really need this item for my new space?”

Sorting “stuff” can be time consuming and energy draining when done alone. Having a move manager can keep the focus on the intention we wish to create in our new living space. It can be fun to share memories as we let go of possessions no longer needed.

If you overwhelmed by a move, are in poor health, with family members live far away, or don’t want to deal with moving hassles, move management allows you to be guided in the many aspects of a move so no detail will be forgotten.

The move manager works with you and coordinates with the persons and businesses who will be needed to carry out your wishes. The move manager implements your decisions, relieving you of worries and concerns.

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Please bear in mind Michael is not accepting new clients at this time.