Figuring out how to downsize can be overwhelming!
I can help you so that the experience is eased and stress free!

Moving Elders

“For our family, Michael has been a godsend, because I live out of state. Knowing Michael is available is like having a trusted and highly competent family member in Santa Fe. I cannot imagine a better situation for my dad and myself.”

Here are responses to common issues people think about in advance of a move:

It can be difficult for me to let go of things, which has memories of other persons.

In this “letting go” process we take the love and intentions of those who gave us the objects with us, and know this love is always with us.

Thinking of reviewing and sorting all the things I own overwhelms me.

In this “letting go” process we take the love and intentions of those who gave us the objects with us, and know this love is always with us.

I am concerned I will discard things I will need later on.

We all can make mistakes because we are human! Yet most of us can vision what our new home will need and things we will be doing in lives.

I am concerned my family or others may not be able to help me in this moving process as I may need.

This process takes so much time and energy. Although family members can come in and help trying to do things in a week, this often exhausts everyone and creates confusion of what item went where. Sometimes we need to ask for outside help.

I am afraid this move will take so much of my time, and it will drain me of physical and emotional energy.

Many people report how tired they become in making so many decisions. The emotional aspect often does diminish one’s energy, and there is a need for rest and self-care during this time.

The sorting and reviewing things I own reminds me of past losses.

One’s past, the losses, often can open one to grief. If one thinks that this whole process is a life review it can allow one to re-visit the many emotions of our experiences.

It is difficult for me to leave my current place of residence.

All changes – new beginnings can be challenging at first. It is natural to have concerns and fears.

I have fears as it relates to moving at this stage in my life.

There are many fears as it relates to health, aging, and the care one will need. Planning one’s future can reduce these natural anxieties.

If these thoughts are crossing your mind, know this is common! It could be an indication you may need some help in making the process easier for you.

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