What is holding me back?

How I  be successful in overcoming resistance in “reviewing my possessions”?

Right now the things you own have a place in your current home. Even if the place is not as organized or perfect as you would like them to be arranged. Often times going through things can be disruptive.  It can be disruptive in these ways: Many people are surprised how things can have an emotional connection to a person or past event. What to do with them becomes the question?

Sorting through things can upset the natural balance of where things reside, as piles grow of what to donate or consign or throw away. These can be reminders that “life as we know it is changing”. Many people do not wish to be engaged in this “review” process for a period of time. And they do not want to do it alone. This is where I can help. You need not do this process alone. I can provide practical assistance and suggestions in your relationship to things.

Ways people can get stuck are:

  • Spouse has died.
  • What to do with family heirlooms?
  • What to do with photos and memorabilia?


Feel free to contact me to discuss how best to address your concerns.