Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and services so that
the planning and execution of your move is eased and stress free.

Packing Couple

“You perform a necessary and welcome service and are extremely pleasant to work with. I thank you most sincerely for helping me at a most difficult time with a most satisfactory result.”

Here are some of the many services I provide.

  • Clearing out a storage unit: This can be done over a period of time or as an immediate priority with a specific deadline requiring intensive work.
  • Downsizing: This can be the first step to let of clutter. This can be done over a period of time, purging your residence of non-essential items. This action makes it easier when you decide to move in the future.
  • Relocation to a new residence: Depending on circumstance this can be done over a period of months with specific action steps or in emergency that may have time constraints.
  • Planning for the future: An honest discussion of how you want to live and where. From this discussion options are explored.
  • Emergency assistance: Call me during a crisis and I will see how I can assist you.

The below services are engaged depending on your particular circumstance.

Develop a plan based on your needs as it relates to moving, downsizing, or home remodeling.

  • Assist in selecting essential items to move to the new living space which reflect your vision of home.
  • Review, sort, and arrange for belongings to be:
    auctioned, placed in estate sale, donated to charitable organizations, consigned in specialty shops.
  • Coordinate and schedule movers.
  • Supervise professional packing and proper labeling.
  • Assist with creating floor plans of furniture in the new space.
  • Arrange for items to be shipped to family members in other geographic areas.
  • Engage shredding services for confidential documents and the hauling away of trash.
  • Provide support on the move day and ensure items are placed per your desires.
  • Provide access to resources in the aging network, if needed.
  • Needs not listed? Let’s discuss them.

Feel free to Contact Michael to discuss any aspects of
your impending move.*

*Please bear in mind Michael is not accepting new clients at this time.